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Chemical Industries Association (Home Page)
The Chemical Industies Association (CIA) is the UK chemical industry's leading trade and employer's association.

About CIA
The chemical industry's leading trade association and employers' organisation representing member company interests both nationally and internationally.

Policies are formulated by specialist boards and committees under the leadership of a Council which decides the overall framework, strategy and priorities.

Sector Groups
Sector groups are self-funded groups within the Association which ensure that the needs of specific sectors of the industry are represented and addressed.

Annual Report
Take a look at the Chemical Industries Association Annual Report.

Who's Who at the CIA
See the structure of the association and the responsibilities of the staff.

Where are we?
Find out how to get to the Chemical Industries Association by Rail and Road.

National Training Organisation
The Chemical Manufacturing and Processing National Training Organisation (CMPNTO).

Vocational Qualifications
VQSET, Vocational Qualifications in Science, Engineering and Technology.

A list of events from the Chemical Industry Association.

Full Membership
Find out if/how to become a full member of the CIA.

Associate Membership
Find out how to become an associate member of the CIA.

Affiliate Membership
Find out how to become an affiliiate member of the CIA.

News & Information
The Chemical Industries Association provides news and information in a number of different formats, this is the place to find it.

Search for and purchase CIA publications.

Talking Points
Talking Points is a newsletter which provides news, hints and tips for all those who are interested in the improvement of the chemical industry's reputation.

Press Releases
Search press releases from the Chemical Industries Association.

Speak Out and Listen
Speak Out and Listen! is a scheme organised by the Chemical Industries Association which matches audiences who wish to hear about chemicals, chemistry and the chemical industry with speakers from the industry.

CIA Awards 2004
Information on the CIA Awards Dinner 2004

The Chemical Industry
The chemical industry is one of the UK's largest manufacturing industries and its products are the basis for almost every manufacturing activity.

Industry Facts
Facts and statistics from the chemical industry.

Responsible Care
Responsible Care is the chemical industry's commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental (HS&E) performance.

Confidence in Chemicals
Confidence in Chemicals is an EU programme of chemicals management.

Position Statements
Search the CIA site for position statements.

A list of useful links for the Chemical Industry.

The Chemical Industry (Home Page)
Information about the chemical industry.

The Chemical Industry
An Introduction to the chemical industry.

The Chemical Industry - Facts and Figures
View figures and charts which illustrate facts about the UK Chemical Industry.

The Chemical Industry - Processes
The chemical industry makes use of a wide range of chemical reactions and physical processes. Find out about them here.

Chemical Products
A great range of products used in everyday life are produced by the chemical industry, find out more here.

Chemical Products in the Home
Learn more about chemicals in the home.

Chemical Products in the Kitchen
Learn more about chemicals in the kitchen.

Chemical Products in the Bedroom
Learn more about chemicals in the bedroom.

Chemical Products in the Garden
Learn more about chemicals in the garden.

Chemical Products in the Bathroom
Learn more about chemicals in the bathroom.

Chemical Products in the Garage
Learn more about chemicals in the garage.

Chemical Products in the Lounge
Learn more about chemicals in the lounge.

Chemical Products in the Dining Room
Learn more about chemicals in the dining room.

Chemical Products used in the construction of a House
Learn more about the chemicals used in the construction of a house.

Sustainable Development - Responsible Care
The chemical industry's commitment to safety and environmental performance, its employees and you.

Sustainable Development - Performance
Chemicals help us to use resources efficiently and, at the same time, improve our quality of life.

Sustainable Development - Confidence in Chemicals
Confidence in Chemicals is a chemicals management initiative launched as part of the Responsible Care in the chemical industry.

News & Information
Search News & Information on the Chemical Industry Website.

Talking Points
Talking Points provides interesting facts and stories about the chemical industry.

The Chemical Industries Association offers a range of publications in its bookshop.

The Chemical Industries Association runs a range of seminars, training programmes and workshops on aspects of the chemical industry.

Career Paths
Discover Career paths available in the Chemical Industry.

Training offered by the Chemical Industries Association.

National Vocational Qualifications in the chemical industry.

The Chem Files
A database for the chemical industry which is regularly updated for everyone interested in the industry.

Questions and comments on the chemical industry.

About the Chemical Industry Website
Notes on this website developed by the Chemical Industries Association.